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Talking about plans/ Future: will and going to – Atividade 2 - 03/02/2021

Let’s start our English  class!

1. Answer these questions in English.

Ten years from now…

a) … how old will you be?

b) … where will you live?

c) …will you speak English fluently?

d) … will you be married or single?

e) … will you have a car or a bike?

Plans for next week…

f) What are you going to do?

g) Are you going to watch a movie?

h) Are you going to study math?

i) Who are you going to call?

j) Are you going to travel?

Let’s watch a video about Future (WILL)!

Let’s do some activities!

Let’s learn about Nigeria!

Olawunmi Akinlemibola, an 18-year-old Nigerian girl got accepted into most ivy league schools. Some of the offers come with scholarships that will cover the entire cost of her 4-year education.

She will learn to be independent and she will be responsible for everything in her life.

She will live in Massachusetts, in the USA. She will study at Harvard University.


2. Make questions to the answers.

a) _________________________________________________________?

Yes, she will. She will live in the USA.

b) ________________________________________________________?

No, she won’t. She won’t study at University of Chicago.

c) _______________________________________________________?

She will learn to be independent.

Hello, everybody! I am John and this is my family; my wife, Suzane, and my daughter, Janet. We are from Nigeria.

Next week, we are going to travel to Brazil. We are going to visit some friends in Brasilia and we are going to spend some days in Alto Paraíso, Goiás.

I think we will go to Pirenópolis. There are great waterfalls in Piri.

Figura disponível em: https://www.istockphoto.com/br/foto/tempo-africano-feliz-da-despesa-da-fam%C3%ADlia-junto-durante-o-fim-de-semana-ao-ar-livre-gm1139466880-304571012    Acesso em 09 de nov. de 2020.


3. Answer these questions in English.

a) Who is Suzane?

b) Where are Suzane and John going to travel?

c) What are they going to do in Brasilia?

d) Are they going to visit the waterfalls in Pirenópolis?



When 17-year-old Ruth from Nigeria sat down to write a poem for Assembly readers, she wanted to give other girls hope and to encourage them to “be proud of being African girls.”


I have to stand up and choose to live by choice
And not by chance
I have to be proud of the girl that I am
And believe that the future will be better
If I stand up with determination
If I stand up with confidence in who I am
Then I am sure someday in the future
I will be proud of being an African girl.

Disponível em: https://assembly.malala.org/stories/2018/8/8/the-future   Acesso em 09 de nov. de 2020.


4. All the sentences are wrong. Find the mistakes and correct them. (Todas as sentenças estão erradas. Encontre os erros e corrija-os.)

a) Ruth didn’t want to encourage other girls of being African Girls.

b) Ruth always feels proud of the girl that she is.

c) Ruth thinks she will be proud of being an African girl.


Let’s watch a video about Nigeria!