Comparatives and Superlatives Adjectives; Prefixes and suffixes in English – 8º ano – 4ª quinzena – 3º ciclo – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 21/10/2020

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Today, we are going to talk about irregular comparatives and superlatives adjectives!!!

Let’s watch a video about it!!

Now, let’s talk about prefixes and suffixes in English!

Let’s do some activities!

Hey Brother (Avicii)

Hey, brother
There’s an endless road to rediscover
Hey, sister
Know the water’s sweet but blood is thicker
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do

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1- Explique o processo de formação das palavras ENDLESS e REDISCOVER e, em seguida, identifique o significado do prefixo e sufixo presentes nessas palavras.



2- Retire do texto um verso que possui uma comparação.

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3- According to the comic strip, why won’t Cascão be interested in being the girl’s boyfriend?

a) (      ) Because Cascão will be very old when the girl will take a bath.

b) (      ) Because the girl will love him when she will take a bath.

c) (      ) Because Cascão will be engaged to another person when she will be old.

d) (      ) Because the girl will be very old when he will take a bath.


         Now, I live in the biggest city in Goiás, but I have lived in different cities in Goiás. I think my favorite cities are Aruanã and Jataí. As you know the weather is colder in Jataí. I lived in Jataí in 2018 and I always went to the movies and parks. Jataí is bigger than Aruanã. 

         In Aruanã, it is hotter and we can fish at Araguaia River. And, in my opinion, Araguaia River is the most beautiful river in Goiás. We can eat delicious dishes there. I think I will visit my friends in Aruanã again.


4- Answer these questions in English.

a) Which city is hotter, Jataí or Aruanã?

b) In the author’s opinion, which is the most beautiful river in Goiás?

c) What can we eat in Aruanã?

d) What is the biggest city in Goiás?


5- Based on the text, write a small text comparing 3 cities that you have visited. (Baseado no texto, escreva um pequeno texto comparando 3 cidades que você já visitou.)








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