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Dreams and goals / Future: will and going to – Atividade 4 - 04/03/2021


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  1. Let’s talk about the dreams and goals you have. Answer these questions in English and ask them to your friends.

Dream: a series of events or images that happen in your mind when you are sleeping

Goal: a purpose, or something that you want to achieve

a) What are your dreams about?

b) What are your goals?

c) How can you achieve this goal?

d) Do you think it is important to be optimistic about achieving goals?

e) What motivates you to achieve your goals?

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“To achieve the goal, the first thing we have to do is start the race, since we cannot reach the end if there is not a beginning. When you decide to take the first step in the competition you will see that you will begin to fulfil your dreams. You should always think positive and be sure that you can get everything that you want”.

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f) Do you agree with the author of this text? Explain, in English or in Portuguese, the things you agree or disagree.

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Aniah Willis

My goal is to be successful in life because I want to be something that person can talk about me like positive but there will be negative things that person will say. My other goal is to finish high school and get a scholarship because I won’t worry about student loans and get me to a good college. My goal is to become an actress because every since I was little I always wanted act because it’s seems fun and experience life.

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“I hope to be an aerospace engineer by the time I am 30, due to the field of work improving the amount of women hired for this job. I also have enjoyed school trips surrounding this area of work, and there are a wide range of jobs under this title to specialise in.”

Tamara, a 15-year-old girl from the United Kingdom.

Disponível em:https://www.oecd.org/berlin/publikationen/Dream-Jobs.pdfAcesso em 10 de nov. de 2020.

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Paulo is a Brazilian austronaut. He will travel into outer space. Paulo and the other astronauts are going to travel next week. They will stay in space for almost a year.

The crew is going to continue research at the space station. They will do some experiments. They will record their data. They are going to make some repairs at the space station.

Paulo will learn a lot in the space. He is going to make some videos and his family will watch the videos.

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  1. Choose the correct alternative to answer the questions. (Escolha a alternativa correta para responder as perguntas.)

2.1. Who wants to be an actress?

a) (     ) Aniah does.

b) (     ) Paulo does.

c) (     ) The crew does.

d) (     ) Tamara does.

2.2 Where is Tamara from?

a) (     ) She is from Asia.

b) (     ) She is from the USA.

c) (     ) She is from Brazil.

d) (     ) She is from the United Kingdom.

2.3  How long will Paulo and the other astronauts stay in space?

a) (       ) They will stay in space for almost one month.

b) (       ) They will stay in space for almost a year.

c) (       ) They will stay in space for one week.

d) (       ) They will stay in space for two years.

  1. All the sentences are wrong. Find the mistakes and correct them. (Todas as sentenças estão erradas. Encontre os erros e corrija-os.)

a) Paulo’s family will make some videos in space.

b) Tamara hopes to be an astronaut.

c) Aniah doesn’t want to finish high school.

  1. Based on the texts above, it is your time to write a text about your dreams and goals. Youcanshareyourtextwithyour friends. (Baseado nos textos anteriores, é a sua vez de escrever um texto sobre seus sonhos e objetivos. Você pode compartilhar o seu texto com seus amigos.)

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  1. Apesar de serem da mesma família, o garoto e o avô apresentam um fator que dificulta a comunicação entre os dois. Identifique-o.

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