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Modal verbs: CAN / COULD – 7º Ano – 2ª quinzena – 2º corte – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 18/09/2020

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1. Read the texts and answer the questions in English.

a) When did Beyoncé start singing?

b) Could she sing and dance when she was young?

c) According to Cafu, who is the most creative performers in football?

d) According to Cafu, can Messi beat Neymar?

2. Complete the sentences with CAN or COULD. Then, mark an X if its meaning is ABILITY or PERMISSION. (Complete as sentenças com CAN ou COULD. Em seguida, marque um X se seu significado for ABILITY ou PERMISSION.)

a) Penguins _________ swim very well. (ABILITY / PERMISSION)

b) Yesterday, we _____________ play soccer. (ABILITY / PERMISSION)

c) Carla: Dear teacher, __________________ I use your dictionary, please? (ABILITY / PERMISSION)

d) Carla: Oh, my friend, ______________ I call you later? (ABILITY / PERMISSION)

4. Now, read a text about Marcia’s life. Then, write a text about your life based on the questions from exercise 3. (Agora, leia um texto sobre a vida de Marcia. Em seguida, escreva um texto sobre a sua vida baseado nas perguntas do exercício 3.)

5. Pesquise sobre a cultura de outros países e forme 4 frases utilizando CAN ou COULD.


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You can print this lesson if you want.

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