Modal verbs: CAN / COULD – 7º ano – 3ª Quinzena – 3º corte – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 02/10/2020

Let’s watch a video about the modal verbs: can and could.

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Let’s read some texts and do some exercises!

1- Read the texts about Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran. Then, answer these questions in English.

a) Who could dance and sing very well?

b) Who can sing and play the guitar very well?

c) What was Michael’s nickname?

d) When did Ed Sheeran begin playing the guitar?

2- Based on the texts about Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran, write a small text about a famous artist or singer. (Com base nos textos sobre Michael Jackson e Ed Sheeran, escreva um pequeno texto sobre um artista ou cantor famoso.)

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3- According to the comic strip, what does the boy think he can do?

a) (      ) He thinks he can play the guitar very well.

b) (      ) He thinks he can play when it is snowy.

c) (       ) He thinks he can put the ball through the hoop.

d) (       ) He thinks he can stop the snow.

4- Unscramble the words and make sentences. (Desembaralhe as palavras para formar sentenças.)



5- Complete the sentences with CAN or COULD according to the pictures.

Let’s sing!!!

You can print this lesson if you want!!

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