Modal verbs: should, must, have to, may, might – 9º ano – 5ª quinzena – 3º ciclo – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 13/11/2020

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1- Answer these questions in English.

a) Is there any easy road to freedom?

b) Can we achieve success acting alone?

c) Why must we act together as a united people?

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2- Decide if the following sentences are true (T) or false (F) according to the text. Then correct the false ones.

a) (      ) You can’t leave the ground without a plan to get down.

b) (     ) The Emergency Rescue Plan should not be appropriate for the situation.

c) (     ) Nobody involved in the Rescue Plan should know their role.

3- O verbo modal SHOULD na frase “The Emergency Rescue Plan SHOULD be appropriate for the situation and work being done” expressa um(a)

a) (       ) obrigação.

b) (       ) habilidade.

c) (       ) conselho.

d) (       ) permissão.

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4- According to the text, the expression FREAK OUT means

a) (     ) to become so angry, surprised, excited or frightened that you cannot control yourself.

b) (     ) to start doing things in a different way like dancing, running in circles and yelling.

c) (    ) to look for something in your house in a pleasure way.

d) (    ) to begin to have a particular job experience in a quiet and pleasure place.

5- Circle the right modal verb to complete the sentences.

a) It’s a hospital. You (MUSTN’T / MUST) smoke.

b) Take an umbrella. It (MIGHT / SHOULD) rain later.

c) You (SHOULDN’T / MUST) leave small objects lying around. Children (MAY / HAVE TO) swallow such objects.

d) Drivers (MUST / SHOULD) stop when the traffic lights are red.

e) I think you (SHOULD / CAN’T) go out more and meet new people.

f) To get a driving licence you (HAVE TO / CAN) be over 18.

g) You (MUST / SHOULD) wear a uniform when you’re in the army.

h) It’s dangerous to go into deep water if you (CANNOT / MUST) swim.

6- Unscramble the words in order to make sentences using the modal verbs. (Organize as palavras para formar sentenças usando os verbos modais.)



c) BY – COME – CAR – MAY – THEY.

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