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Revisão do 2º corte – Língua Inglesa – 9 º Ano – Atividade 11 - 15/06/2021


Leia o meme a seguir e responda às atividades 1 e 2:

  1. Identifique a causa da irritação do personagem do meme.

Disponível em: https://twitter.com/golbornehigh/status/1245684796581392385 Acesso em 27 de maio de 2021.

2. Match the word or expression in column A with their meaning in column B.

3. Match the columns.

4. Ao lermos o cartum, podemos inferir que as abreviações CU – I’ll TXT UL8R significam:

a) (    ) Vejo vocês e eu enviarei um texto com 8 códigos.

b) (   ) Até mais, mandarei uma mensagem para você mais tarde.

c)     ) Até mais e eu enviarei um texto com 8 códigos.

d) (    ) Até amanhã e eu mandarei uma mensagem com 8 letras.

Disponível em: https://br.pinterest.com/pin/547398529704549087/  Acesso em 31 de maio de 2021.

5. Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences ______________ she is old, she can still run far.

a) (     ) Although

b) (     ) Besides

c) (     ) And

d) (     ) Or

  6. His wife left him. ______________, he became very depressed.

a) (    ) And

b) (    ) As a result

c) (   ) For this reason

d) (    ) First

   7. I can’t afford to go to the concert. _____________, I don’t really like classical music.

a) (    ) However

b) (    ) As a result

c) (   ) Besides

d) (    ) First

  8. ________________dinner, I go to my house.

a) (    ) But

b) (    ) After

c) (   ) So

d) (    ) And

Leia o texto a seguir e resolva os exercícios

EU Green Week

1 May – 4 June 2021

What? The EU Green Week is Europe’s biggest annual conference focusing on environmental policy.  The ‘EU Green Week 2021’ will take place from 31 May to 4 June 2021, and includes an opening event on citizen science for Zero Pollution taking place in Lahti Finland, a virtual high level conference hosted by the European Commission ,and many local partner events happening across Europe. It brings together participants from government, industry, non-governmental organizations, academia and the media to exchange ideas and best practices.

European Green Week 2021 will be dedicated to the ‘zero pollution ambition’. This year’s edition couples the European Green Deal with the recent adoption of the EU Action Plan ‘Towards a Zero Pollution Ambition for Air, Water and Soil‘. The numerous high-level panels will also explore related policy initiatives included in the EU Green Deal that are essential for EU’s Zero Pollution ambition such as the climate initiatives, the EU Chemicals Strategy, as well as EU initiatives in the fields of energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity.

Why?  Pollution is widespread and poses a direct threat to human health, but also to the health of our planet, as it destroys biodiversity and ecosystems. Addressing pollution is not only an environmental priority, it’s a priority for the achievement of the SDGs. UNEP is working with governments, businesses and civil society to beat all forms of pollution.  At EU Green Week, UNEP will be contributing expert views to the discussions, in particular on the international dimensions.

Disponível em: https://www.unep.org/events/online-event/eu-green-week Acesso em 01 de jun. de 2021.

9. Answer these questions.

a) What is The EU Green Week?

b) What does The EU Green Week bring together?

c) What is widespread and destroys biodiversity and ecosystems?

10. Mark an X TRUE or FALSE according to the text. (Marque um X no verdadeiro ou falso de acordo com o texto.)

11. Read each statement and then circle whether it is a fact or opinion.  (Leia cada frase e em seguida circule se ela é um fato ou opinião.)

a) As a result of increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, global surface temperatures have increased by about one degree centigrade since 1880. FACT  /  OPINION   

b) If humanity does not take dramatic steps to curtail fossil-fuel consumption, civilization may collapse. FACT  /  OPINION   

c) Fossil-fuel consumption was key to the industrial Revolution. FACT  /  OPINION   

d) Climate change could make armed conflict, including wars over water, more likely. FACT  /  OPINION

  Disponível em: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/climate-change-facts-versus-opinions/  Acesso em 01 de jun. de 2021.

Leia a tirinha a seguir e responda ao exercício 12 e 13.

Disponível em: https://greenplanet4kids.com/eco-family-comic-strip Acesso em 01 de jun. de 2021.

12. Does Mr. Lenny have a compost pile?

a) (     ) Yes, he will.

b) (     ) Yes, he does.

c) (     ) No, he doesn’t.

d) (     ) No, he won’t.

13. Will Mr. Leny bury the pumpkin in his yard?

a) (     ) Yes, he was.

b) (     ) Yes, he is

c) (     ) Yes, he did.

d) (     ) Yes, he will.

14. Identifique o motivo de Leonard afirmar “My mommy raised a gentleman”.

Disponível em: https://www.reddit.com/r/memes/comments/iq5lgw/for_the_environment/  Acesso em 01 de jun. de 2021.

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