Simple Present, Present Continuous and Word classes (Classes gramaticais) – 6º ano – 3ª Quinzena – 3º corte – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 02/10/2020

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Let’s watch a video about Simple Present and Present Continuous!!

Adverb, its form, function, rules and uses.

Adverbs: são usados para modificar os verbos, adjetivos e até outros advérbios. Podem ser: adverbs of frequency (usually, generally, never, always, hardly ever, etc); adverbs of manner (beautifully, calmly, carefully, dangerously, etc); adverbs of time (today, tomorrow, yesterday, now, etc); adverbs of place (inside, outside, indoor, downstairs, etc).

Os Adverbs of frequency são muito usados nas orações em que o verbo esteja no Simple Present.

Obs: Subject + adverb + main verb – We always have dinner at 8pm.

         Subject + BE + adverb – We are always happy.

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Let’s do some exercises!

1. Identifique a situação em que este cartaz se encontra inserido e o seu objetivo. Em seguida, retire do cartaz um Adverb of manner.

2. Make adverbs of manner from the adjectives in brackets. (Forme Adverbs of manner a partir dos adjetivos entre parênteses.)

a) They play soccer __________________________ (careful).

b) You sing _________________________________ (bad).

c) My day drives _____________________ (slow) when it is raining.

d) The dog barks ______________________________ (loud).

Let’s talk about sports!

My name is Cecilia. I live in Goiatuba. I am 11 years old. I like sports.

Do you like sports? Do you follow a sport? What sports do you like?

I follow sports. I like volleyball, soccer, basketball and swimming. I also follow running, trekking, and cycling. I always go trekking and cycling. My father plays soccer very well.

I never play soccer. I usually watch soccer games on TV. My family and I hardly ever go swimming. Right now, my brother is playing volleyball with his friends. And my mom is running.

Sports are a very popular topic of conversation in Brazil. You can talk about sports in lots of countries because people just love sports.

3. Answer these questions in English.

a) Where does Cecilia live?

b) What are the team sports that Cecilia likes?

c) Who plays soccer very well?

d) How often does she go trekking?

e) Is her brother playing soccer? What is he playing?

4. Answer these questions and then ask your friends and your family. Take notes in the following chart. (Responda essas perguntas e depois pergunte a seus amigos e familiares. Faça as anotações na tabela a seguir.)

5. What does a runner have?

a) (   ) A runner has a lot of running clothes.

b) (   ) A runner does not have running clothes.

c) (   ) A runner has a lot of dresses.

d) (    ) A runner has one drawer to t-shirts and skirts.

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