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Small biographies / Simple Past, Past Continuous, Connectors and English Varieties – Atividade 4 - 04/03/2021

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Narrative tenses: Simple Past and Past Continuous

Disponível em: https://test-english.com/explanation/b1/past-simple-past-continuous-past-perfect/ Acesso em 05 de nov. de 2020.

Os connectors funcionam como conectivos nas frases, desempenhando o papel de conectar ideias unindo termos ou mesmo orações.

Podem expressar ideias de adição, oposição, resultado, razão, comparação, explicação, etc.

“and” é usado para adicionar itens a uma lista.

•She bought apples and bananas.

“or” é usado para falar sobre as opções:

•You can have the blue pen or the red pen.

“but” é usado para mostrar contraste:

•I speak French but I’ve never been to France.

“so” dá o resultado de algo:

•Peter didn’t study, so he failed his exams.

“because” dá razão para alguma coisa:

•I got wet because I didn’t take an umbrella.

Disponível em: https://www.businessenglish.com/grammar/conjunctions.html?lang=por Acesso em 04 de nov. de 2020.

Some of the Nigerian English words and phrases added to the Oxford English Dictionary

  Disponível em: https://hubnaija.com.ng/these-are-the-nigerian-english-words-added-to-the-oxford-dictionary/ Acesso em 04 de nov. de 2020.
  1. Answer these questions and then ask your friends. Take notes in the following chart. (Responda essas perguntas e depois pergunte a seus amigos. Faça as anotações na tabela a seguir.)
Your answerYour friend’s answerYour friend’s answer
Who is your favorite singer?
Where is he/she from?
What is your favorite song?
When did your favorite singer start his/her career?   
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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer, dancer, entertainer, and recording artist. Michael Jackson epitomised the era of pop in the 70s, 80s and 90s, earning himself the title the King of Pop. He remained a global icon until his untimely death in 2009.

Michael Jackson began his music career alongside his fellow brothers and family members in the Jackson Five. His career began in 1964, aged only six. The group, led by Jackson’s father, worked hard touring many clubs and bars performing their mix of Motown hits. They gained the attention of record labels and in 1968 signed with Motown records. It was the youngest, baby-faced Jackson, that caught the eye of reviewers. Rolling Stone magazine wrote that Michael was a ‘prodigy’ with ‘overwhelming musical gifts’.

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Disponível em: https://www.biographyonline.net/music/michael-jackson.html  Acesso em 03 de nov. de 2020.
  1. Choose the correct alternative to answer the questions. (Escolha a alternativa correta para responder as perguntas.)

2.1. When did Michael Jackson die?

a) (   ) He died in 1964.

b) (   ) He died in 1958.

c) (   ) He died in 1968.

d) (   ) He died in 2009.

2.2. How old was Michael Jackson when his career began?

a) (   ) He was 7.

b) (   ) He was 6.

c) (   ) He died in 1968.

d) (   ) He died in 2009.

2.3. Who led the Jackson Five group?

a) (   ) Jackson’s father did.

b) (   ) Rollin Stone did.

c) (   ) Motown did.

d) (   ) Baby-faced did.

If it is possible, you can watch this video! (Se for possível, você pode assistir a esse vídeo!)

Tiwa Savage

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Disponível em https://www.worldremit.com/en/stories/story/2019/09/27/famous-nigerians-international-recognition  Acesso em 04 de nov. de 2020.

Born in Isale Eko, Lagos State, Nigeria, 1980.

Lives in the United Kingdom

Tiwa’s family relocated to London when she turned 11, and after that to the US, where she studied music.

She secured a record deal with Sony ATV and later toured the world as a vocalist for renowned artists like Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan or Spice Girls. She also collaborated with the likes of Eminem, Black Eyed Peas and Destiny’s Child.

Her songwriting skills earned her great recognition. In November 2018, she became the first woman to win the ‘Best African Act’ at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards.

  1. Answer these questions in English.

a) Where is Tiwa Savage from?

b) How old was she when she moved to London?

c) Where did she study music?

d)When did she become the first woman to win the ‘Best African Act’?

  1. Based on the texts above, it is your time to write a text about someone from your community / family. You can share your text with your friends. (Baseado nos textos anteriores, é a sua vez de escrever um texto sobre alguém da sua comunidade. Você pode compartilhar o seu texto com seus amigos.)
  1. Complete the sentences with AND, BUT, BECAUSE or SO.

a) Yesterday, we wore light clothes ______________________ the weather was hot.

b) I had a tooth ache last night, ________________ I decided to go to the dentist.

c) I like walking ___________ I never go to school on foot.

d) Sarah went to the club ___________ to the farm last weekend.

If it is possible, you can print this lesson.

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