Adjectives Comparatives and superlatives – 8º Ano – 2ª quinzena – 3º corte – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 18/09/2020

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Different ways of asking 'how are you?' (and replying) in English.

Para compreendermos os Adjectives Comparatives e Superlatives, precisamos revisar que os adjetivos (tall, thin, big, good, fast, intelligent, etc) são usados para caracterizar os substantivos e podem ser utilizados para fazermos comparações. Nesse sentido, os adjetivos em inglês podem ser encontrados em três graus:

Let’s read a text and do some activities!!

The Rodriguez Brothers Circus is in town! Every year, the circus arrives and stays for a week. Then they go to the next town.

Most of the performers are human! There is Leopold, The Strongest Man InThe World. His father also worked in the circus, but Leopold is stronger than him, he has bigger arms and bigger legs too! Leopold performs his act every night for the town’s people who come to watch.

Another performer is Clara. She says she has the longest hair in the world. It’s about 4 metres long! She also has a daughter who works in the circus. Her name is Sue-Ellen.

The highlight of the circus are the three clowns, Pit, Pot and Pat. They all wear long red shoes, but Pat’s shoes are the longest and sometimes, he falls over because they’re so long! They perform for about twenty minutes and they are always the most popular act with the audience, especially the children. Many people think Pit, Pot and Pat are three brothers, but Pat is older than the other two – he’s their father! He’s the oldest clown in the country, but he has a lot of energy.

Tomorrow will be the longest day because the circus is leaving town and everything must be packed away into big trucks.

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1- Answer these questions in English.

a) Who is the strongest man in the world?

b) Who has the longest hair in the world?

c) Why does Pat fall?

d) Who is the oldest clown in the country?

e) When will be the longest day?

2- Identify the performers of the circus. Write their names.

a) ______________________ is Pit and Pot’s father.

b) _______________________ perform his act every night.

c) _______________________ has a daughter.

d) ______________________________ are always the most popular act with the audience.

3- Complete each sentence with the correct comparative form of the adjective in parentheses. Add than when necessary.

a) Do you think money is ________________________(important) good health?

b) This dress is ___________________________(nice) that one.

c) My old bike was ___________________________(big) my new one.

d) John is ___________________________________ (dedicated) his brother.

4- Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjective in parentheses.

a) Mount Everest is ____________________________ (high) mountain in the world.

b) In my opinion, Araguaia River is ____________________ (beautiful) river in Goiás.

c) Pedro is ___________________________ (old) person in his family.

d) Family is __________________________ (important) thing in our lives.

5- Produza 4 frases usando o comparative e/ou o superlative. Seja criativo use figuras, fotos ou desenhe para ilustrar as suas frases.

Observe o exemplo:

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