Talking about things we did last month / Simple Past, Past Continuous and Colloquial/ Standard English – Atividade 1 - 21/01/2021


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Sophia went to the park yesterday.

Sophia was reading a book when Peter called her.

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Let’s learn the Irregular verbs!

Let’s watch a video about Simple Past!

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1. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences. (Escolha a alternativa correta para completar as sentenças.)   

1.1._________________________ answered the teacher’s question.

a) (     ) The class

b) (     ) The student

c) (     ) Nancy

d) (     ) Daniel

1.2. ___________________________ was watching TV two days earlier.

a) (    ) The teacher

b) (    ) Nancy

c) (     ) The students

d) (     ) Daniel

Things I did last month

Hello, everybody! I am Clara. I live in São Miguel do Araguaia. I am 12 years old. And I want to share with you the things I did last month.

My mom and I were watching TV at night, when my father arrived at home. He was very happy because he decided to go camping with us. We travelled to Baliza. It took us 8 hours to get there.

During the trip, we stopped a lot and we took lots of pictures of animals and plants. It was almost midnight when we arrived at the camping area. We visited some beautiful places. We swam in the river and we had lots of fun together. We spent 5 days there. It was amazing.

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2. All the sentences are wrong. Find the mistakes and correct them. (Todas as sentenças estão erradas. Encontre os erros e corrija-os.)

a) Clara moved to Baliza with her family last month.

b) Clara’s mother was very happy because they decided to go camping.

c) They arrived at the camping area in the morning.

3. Answer the questions below in English.

a) Where did Clara and her family travel?

b) How long did it take them to get to Baliza?

c) Did they stay at a hotel?

d) Did they like the trip?

4. Find the past tense forms of the verbs listed below in the puzzle and circle them. Then, choose 5 verbs and write sentences.

5. Read the cartoon and the notes below. Then, identify the reason why they can’t communicate. Answer in Portuguese. (Leia o cartum e as observações a seguir. Depois, identifique a razão pela qual eles não conseguem se comunicar. Resposta em Português)

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a) Mate (Australian/ British slang) a friend
b) Bung (British slang) to put, give or throw
c) Dosh (British slang) money
d) Dog and bone (British rhyming slang) telephone

7º ING Atividade 1- Simple Past, Past Continuous and Colloquial Standard English