Conditionals – IF-CLAUSES – 9º ano – 3ª Quinzena – 3º corte – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 02/10/2020

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Let’s watch a video about the first and the second conditional!!!

Let’s read the texts and do some exercises!

1. Ao lermos a Comic strip, observamos que Anthony e sua amiga utilizam a palavra PLACE com significados diferentes. Identifique-os e explique o uso da Second Conditional no último quadrinho.

2. Answer these questions in English.

a) Why is Katie not sure about going camping in the national park?

b) Do the black bears stay away from people?

c) When will she be scared?

d) What will happen if you leave the bears alone?

3. Complete the sentences and make Zero Conditionals.

a) If you _____________ (touch) a fire, you _______________ (get) burned.

b) Snakes ________________ (bite) if they _______ (be) scared.

c) If babies ________ (be)hungry, they _____________ (cry).

4. Complete the sentences and make First Conditionals.

a) If you sister ____________ (go) to São Simão de Goiás, she _________________ (have) a great time.

b) If you _______________ (get) a haircut, you _______________ (look) much better.

c) If they ________________ (watch) this scary film, they ______________ (not sleep).

5. Complete the sentences and make Second Conditionals.

a) If they ________________________ (have) enough money, they _________________________ (buy) a big farm.

b) If you ________________________ (speak) perfect Spanish, you ________________________ (have) that job in Argentina.

c) If my parents __________________ (be) celebrities, they _______________________ (be) very famous.

6. Baseado nos exemplos que já vimos até aqui, produza três frases usando as Conditionals (uma para cada Conditional – Zero, First e Second). Você pode usar a sua criatividade e usar figuras e desenhos para representá-las.

Let’s sing!!!

You can print this lesson if you want!!

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