Conectivos (Linking words) – 9º ano – Língua Inglesa – 2ª semana - 17/08/2020

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1- Uma campanha pode ter por objetivo conscientizar a população sobre determinada questão social. Identifique o propósito dessa campanha.

2- Answer these questions in English.

a) What do trees ensure?

b) Does transpiration happen without trees?

Let’s read and watch a movie about the water.

NASA Earth Science: Water Cycle | Precipitation Education

Let’s read a cartoon.

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3- Identifique no texto um conectivo (Linking word) e analise o seu valor semântico.

4- O cartum tem como objetivo criticar algo da sociedade. Identifique a crítica apresentada nesse cartum.

5- Choose the correct words from parentheses (AND, BUT, OR, BECAUSE, SO) to complete the sentences. (Escolha as palavras corretas entre parênteses (AND, BUT, OR, BECAUSE, SO) para completar as frases).

a) The door was opened, __________ the dog walked in.

b) She ran to the door _____________ opened it.

c) She turned on the fan, __________________ it was very hot in the class.

d) I saw Sarah at the supermarket, ______________ she didn’t see me.

e) Did you watch the movie ___________ did you play video games last Saturday?

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