Língua Inglesa – 9º Ano – If clauses – 1ª quinzena – 3º corte – IMPRESSÃO - 02/09/2020

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Obs: Do you remember the colloquial English? “How y’ll doing” means “How are you all doing?”

  1. Todos os textos a seguir possuem uma Conditional (If-clause). Identifique-a e verifique a intenção do autor ao usá-la

You can listen to the music: If I were a boy…

2. According to the If-clauses rules, all the sentences have mistakes. Identify them and correct them. (De acordo com as regras do If-clauses, todas as sentenças tem erros. Identifique-os e corrija-os.)

a) If I had money, I will buy a new house.

b) If Joe does not pay the ticket, he would not watch the movie.

c) If you did not eat well, you are not healthy.

Disponível em: http://www.vestiprovas.com.br/questao.php?questao=ifg-2014-1-15-ingles-interpretacao-de-texto-24701 Acesso em 21 de ago de 2020.

4. Identique a Conditional e a intenção do Dr. Zook ao usá-la no primeiro quadrinho.

5. Answer these questions in English.

a) Does Hagar want to change his lifestyle?

b) Does Dr. Zook think of getting out of the medical profession?

You can print this lesson, if you want.

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