Quantifiers: some, any, many, much – 8º ano – 5ª quinzena – 3º ciclo – AULA e IMPRESSÃO - 13/11/2020

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1- Answer these questions about yourself in English.

a) What kind of movies do you like?

b) Which do you prefer, cartoons or comedies?

c) When was the last time you watched a science fiction movie?

The Cable Guy (1996)

Chip, the Cable Guy (Jim Carrey), delivers a speech at the end of this bizarre dark comedy in which he predicts a future full of conveniences we now take for granted, saying, “Soon, every American home will integrate their television, phone, and computer. You’ll be able to visit the Louvre on one channel or watch female wrestling on another. There’s no end to the possibilities!”

You know, Chip wasn’t wrong. He successfully predicted Smart TVs, streaming, online gaming, and home shopping. So in a way, Jim Carrey’s $20 million dollar salary for this box office misfire totally paid off, only several years later.

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2- Answer these questions in English.

a) Who is the Cable Guy?

b) What will American home integrate?

c) Was Chip wrong?

d) What did Chip predict?

Sense and Sensibility tells the story of the impoverished Dashwood family, focusing on the sisters Elinor and Marianne, personifications of good sense (common sense) and sensibility (emotionality), respectively. They become destitute upon the death of their father, who leaves his home, Norland Park, to their half brother, John. Although instructed to take care of his sisters, John is dissuaded of his duty by his greedy wife, Fanny. The family, which, in addition to Elinor and Marianne, includes their mother and a younger sister—moves to Barton Cottage in Devonshire

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5- Complete the sentences with the correct quantifier.

Some or any?

a) Kate:  Do you have _______________________brothers or sisters? John:  No, I do not, but I have ___________________cousins that love me like a real brother!

b) Mark:  Are there ___________________cinemas in this city? I really want to go to the movies! Lisa:   No, there are not. But I have _________________movies at home if you want!

A little or a few?

c) I have _____________________cousins that speak French, the rest of them only speak English.

d) I need ____________________ water to feel better that is all.

e) I want to save ___________________money to buy a present for my mother.

f) Robert gave me _________________coins to buy a sweater, it is not enough!

Much or many?

g) There are ____________________ students who want to work in our school.

h)  Claire has _____________________ brothers but only one sister.

i) I do not have __________________time, I cannot wait for you.

j) Lisa doesn’t drink _____________________water when she eats.

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